Executive MBA

The Executive MBA Programme has been co-designed by IBD Business School and Ashridge Executive Educaton of the U.K.. Currently, the programme is jointly offered by IBD and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities.  Created with practicing managers in mind, the Executive MBA is designed for individuals whose careers are already well advanced and who desire to achieve more. It is for both seasoned professionals and executives at the peak of their career and mid-level managers wishing to accelerate their way to the top.

The curriculum of this programme features a complementary blend of solid theoretical foundations with hands-on business experiences and in-depth focus on people issues in organisations. The 12 modules cover all the important managerial functions embedded in critical analysis, economic globalisation, business strategy and innovation. The modules culminate in a Master’s Project, providing an opportunity to develop further knowledge, synthesis, research and analytical skills, and to apply them to business situations of interest to programme participants. Meanwhile, through various Personal and Leadership Development (P&LD) and Mentoring activities, participants receive substantial support, for the duration of their studies, in achieving their career goals beyond the MBA.

An Executive MBA diploma is granted by IBD Business School. Through co-designing the programme with Ashridge, the diploma reflects the quality requirements of the UK Code for Higher Education. Additionally, participants receive a post-graduate certificate issued by SWPS University according to the Polish law.

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Why should you choose this Executive MBA?

Best International Lecturers in Poland

The programme is taught by word-class faculty – distinguished professors and experienced management practitioners coming from different countries in Europe and North America, and representing renowned academic institutions, as well as major corporations. They are all international experts in their respective fields and have been selected because of their ability to deliver a dynamic learning experience and latest material in an engaging, practical, down-to-earth way.

28 Years of Experience in Management Education

Having operated in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries since 1990, the IBD Business School is a leading executive development institution in the area of management education, consulting and applied research. The School offers several MBA programmes that reflect the needs of businesses in a globalised world and the growing role of digital business models. It caters for the most demanding and ambitious managers wanting to propel their careers.

Focus on Soft-skills Development

The Executive MBA programme develops managers’ soft skills through team coaching and mentoring. The Personal & Leadership Development activities spam the entire programme duration. IBD has many years of experience in developing managers’ competences. This is further strengthened by SWPS University, which is a leading institution in Poland in the area of psychology applications in business. Additionally, graduates receive an internationally accredited High Performance Leadership certificate.

Innovative Study Mode and Teaching Methods

The programme allows for flexible study, combining residential sessions, run once every two months, with advanced e-learning methods. The state-of-the art e-learning platform provides a rich and versatile teaching and learning environment for class work between the residential sessions. This study mode minimises the number of working days spent on campus.

UK Business Education Quality Standards

Since the programme is co-designed with Ashridge Executive Education, it meets the highest standards of British business education, as embedded in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. Ashridge has over 50 years of experience in improving the practice of management and organisation effectiveness throughout the world.

International Module in England

The Module on „Information Management” is delivered at Ashridge House near London. In addition to academic instruction related to Module subject, the visit to Ashridge allows EMBA students to participate in guest lectures delivered by representatives from the British business community and in a local company visit.

Scholarships for stydying in USA and Brazil

Accepted candidates to IBD Business School’s MBA programs are invited to participate in a scholarship competition. We offer generous scholarships for attending certified executive management programs at the University of La Verne in California and the Universidade Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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