IMBA Award


Students who successfully complete the degree requirements of the IMBA Programme will receive a U.K. postgraduate qualification. The award is from Buckinghamshire New University. Bucks awards its degrees on its taught degree awarding powers status in U.K. higher education. These awards are at Level 7 (Masters) in the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

IBD IMBA students will be registered at Buckinghamshire during their study and, if they successfully complete all parts of the Programme on schedule, they will receive a Buckinghamshire New University’s MBA diploma whose template is presented below. Alongside the MBA diploma, Buckinghamshire will issue a Transcript of Academic Performance.









Successful participants will also receive an IBD Business School diploma for completing this IMBA. The IBD IMBA certificate, particularly awarded in conjunction with a prestigious and accredited UK-based university, has its own quality mark and business value; it is recognised and highly valued by Polish employers.

Graduands will be conferred an MBA degree at a graduation ceremony organised by IBD Business School in Serock or Warsaw, and a high-ranking representative from Buckinghamshire New University will be present at the ceremony.