Collaboration between IBD and Bucks



Buckinghamshire New University, having its origins in 1891, has been on constant growth, both campus-wide and in terms of academic programmes. The name ‘Buckinghamshire New University’ was adopted in October 2007 when it was awarded full university status. This marked a significant new chapter in the history of the University.

Having first started in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire New University has grown to two more campuses: in Uxbridge (West London) and Aylesbury Vale. The  facilities in Wycombe were officially opened by the Minister of Education, Sir Edward Boyle in 1963, while the London campus opened its doors in 2009.





The university has award-granting privileges under the Royal Charter, which assure the quality of its programmes leading to its qualifications.

The governance structure at Buckinghamshire New University includes the Council as the University’s formal governing body and Senate as its principal academic committee. The activities of both Senate and Council are governed by the University’s Articles, and Instrument of Government and the Scheme of Delegation.

Currently, the University offers a wide variety of academic programmes, ranging from International Accounting and Finance, to Commercial Law, Psychology, Human Resource Management, Nursing and two MBA programmes. Under the Faculty of Design, Media & Management, the undergraduate business management and graduate MBA programmes fulfill the university’s tradition of engagement with robust and fast-paced world of business in London, while providing a unique approach to studying business administration in close integration with the academic influence of arts and social sciences. Hence, the university’s motto is Arte et industria – “Art and Industry.”

Buckinghamshire New University is a globally-recognised educational institution, offering programmes accredited by numerous bodies, such as British Psychological Society, Institute of Engineering Designers (UK), the Joint Audio Media Education Services Association (UK), Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, the RCN Centre for Professional Accreditation, and is an officially recognised as a degree-granting institution by the Privy Council of the Government of England.

In 2011, the University launched Bucks Business School, focused on business and leadership related teaching, research and professional programmes. The school aims to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities to enable its graduates and clients to become ‘future ready’. Bucks Business School offers the ability to specialise in specific sector-related study and activity across all of the disciplines that are taught and researched at the University. With programmes delivered at four campus sites close to London, internationally and online, the Business School takes the innovative, flexible and current approach to learning that is essential for success in the modern and future business environments and contexts.

Bucks Business School is proud to have accredited courses from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations Consultancy Association.

As part of its international outreach, the university has also extended its operations to associated campuses abroad, in countries such as Germany, Holland, Italy, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and now in Poland – with IBD Business School becoming the only affiliated campus in Central and Eastern Europe to offer a dual-degree International MBA programme with Buckinghamshire New University.

A strong MBA programme exposes its students to a variety of ideas, backgrounds, modes of thinking and academic approaches – and at IBD we deliver this through a unique, international approach by offering the programme with Buckinghamshire New University.