MBA Programmes at IBD Business School

After almost three decades of experience in creating and executing development courses and projects for managers, the IBD Business School has engaged in MBA education. Currently, the School offers two MBA programmes: Executive MBA and International MBA. The programmes reflect the needs of organisations operating in a globalised economy and increasingly embracing the various digital business models. They meet the expectations of the most demanding and ambitious managers, wanting to propel their careers. Emphasising the development of interpersonal skills and leadership abilities, through the applications of leading-edge social psychology research, is a unique feature of our approach to MBA education.

Our strategic partners include renowned business schools and other educational institutions in Poland and the UK – SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Buckinghamshire New University, Noble Manhattan Coaching and International Education Society. Thanks to these partnerships, our MBA programmes are characterized by high academic standards, leading-edge teaching methods and, at the same time, are management-practice oriented. Our lectures are internationally-renowned experts in their fields. Moreover, IBD Business School, together with SWPS University, put a lot of emphasis on the development of personal and leadership skills of MBA participants.

Moreover, IBD Business School, thanks to its collaboration with the International Business School (IBS)-Americas in Brazil and the University of La Verne in California, USA offers its students and alumni generous scholarships for attending two-to-three-week-long executive management programs in USA and Brazil.

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Studia MBA

The Executiive MBA programme, conducted in the Polish language, has been designed to cater for specific needs of Polish businesses. It is directed to executives and managers of business and non-profit organisations, as well as to owners and successors of family firms. The programme puts emphasis on delivering practical management knowledge and developing managerial skills, relevant to the Polish market conditions, however in a global context. Students learn how to solve management problems and make effective decisions, which they actually face in organisations they work for. An EMBA diploma is jointly issued by the IBD Business School and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

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The International MBA programme is offered in collaboration with Buckinghamshire (Bucks) New University in the UK. It is designed for aspiring leaders with a global mindset wishing to successfully operate in diverse situations and work in an international setting. The programme equips participants with knowledge and skills that are indispensable in managing business operations across national borders and cultures. Moreover, it incorporates the newest practices in the application of digital business models. The programme is conducted exclusively in English. Graduates receive an original British MBA qualification, granted by Buckinghamshire New University, as well as an MBA diploma from IBD Business School.

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IBD Business School can offer its MBA programmes in a modular format, specifically designed for organisations that seek an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills of groups of their employees who represent high managerial/leadership potential. lBD has many years of experience in designing and organising customised programmes for managers. Together with an interested organisation, we can prepare a customised MBA programme in English or Polish and deliver it in a format that is convenient for the client, combining residential sessions with dynamic e-learning. Through our international partners, we can also organise a study-abroad component of such an MBA.


SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities partners with IBD Business School to jointly offer the Executive MBA programme.

IBD Business School and Buckinghamshire New University jointly offer the International MBA programme in Poland.

Noble Manhattan Coaching participates in the design and delivery of the “Personal and Professional Development” component of the Executive MBA programme.