International MBA

The International MBA programme is offered in collaboration with Buckingamshire (Bucks) New University in the UK. It is designed for aspiring leaders with a global mindset wishing to successfully operate in diverse situations and work in an international setting.


Interntional MBA


The programme runs across 24 months with 180 credits being attained over this period. Students study 8 modules – each carrying 15 credits. All these modules are compulsory. They are followed by a final self-managed module which carries 60 credits: Dissertation or Consultancy Project. In addition to modules carrying academic credits, there’s a programme component that is non-credit but compulsory: Personal and Professional Development (PPD). Graduates receive an MBA diploma issued by the IBD Business School and an original British MBA award, granted by Buckinghamshire New University.

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What makes this programme unique?

International Knowledge and Experience

The programme provides deep international management knowledge and experience through programme content, culturally-diverse student body and international consultancy projects. Moreover, students have a chance to participate in an international study tour, whereby they can learn firsthand about a foreign-country business environment.

Soft-skill Development

The IBD-Bucks programme develops personal and managerial skills through team coaching and mentoring. The Personal & Professional Development activities spam the entire programme duration (two years). IBD has many years of experience in managerial-skills development, gained through its management training and consulting work with companies.

British Master of Business Administration Award

The programmes meets UK higher education quality standards and leads to an original British MBA award, granted by Buckinghamshire New University. British MBA qualification is recognised and highly valued throughout the world. IBD IMBA graduates are registered at Bucks and the diploma they receive is exactly the same as that of Bucks’ graduates.

Innovative Study Mode and Teaching Methods

The programme allows for flexible study, combining weekend residential sessions, run once a month, with advanced e-learning methods. The state-of-the art e-learning platform provides a rich and versatile teaching and learning environment for class work between residential sessions. This study mode minimises the number of working days spent on campus.

28 Years of Experience In Management Education

Having operated in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries since 1990, the IBD Business School is a leading executive development institution in the area of management education, consulting and applied research. The School offers several MBA programmes that reflect the needs of businesses in a globalised world and the growing role of digital business models.

Application of Digital Business Models

The programme features a curriculum incorporating the newest knowledge and practice of management, with an emphasis on digital business models in an international context. A new programme structure was developed at Bucks in 2016. Several modules were designed to keep abreast of the newest developments in the application of digital technologies in business management.

Scholarships for stydying in USA and Brazil

Accepted candidates to IBD Business School’s MBA programs are invited to participate in a scholarship competition. We offer generous scholarships for attending certified executive management programs at the University of La Verne in California and the Universidade Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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